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Created by a family-owned company with an almost 100-year history of nourishing pets naturally, Holistic Select® is committed to helping your best friend live their best life.

Importance of digestive health

Healthy digestion is critical to your pet's health. Holistic Select® have perfected their dog food and cat food recipes to give pets the digestive support & balanced nutrition they need to live a happy and healthy life with you for years to come.

Furthermore, you will feel at ease knowing that you are feeding them a diet that contains a guaranteed mix of probiotics, prebiotics, as well as digestive enzymes and natural fibre.

Balanced Nutrition

  • By helping them break down food and absorb more nutrients.

Immune Health

  • By supporting the 70% of their immune system that lives in the digestive tract.


  • By moving food through the body efficiently and reducing gas, bloating and discomfort.

Discover Holistic Select Dog Food

Only the Best Ingredients

Holistic Select® use only the finest ingredients that will help your pet live a better life. All their recipes are free from artificial flavours, preservatives and other chemicals. Instead, they select a small number of pure, authentic ingredients filled with the nutrients your pet needs to thrive. Their ingredient selection process is rigid, uncompromising and detailed. They believe in food that is safe. They believe in food you can trust.