Flea Free Dog Beds Optimum Air Circulation

It's all About the Real Customers Needs

“When you put the needs of the real customer – the dog – first, you get a bedding system that dogs want to sleep on and that pet owners are happy to purchase.”

– Alan Bish, Flea Free Dog Beds Founder.

Why Flea Free?

When product designer Alan Bish sat down with his dog Fonzo over 25 years ago, he asked Fonzo what else he needed in his simple canine life to make it even better.

Fonzo replied by letting Alan know that he was feeling itchy and dirty from sleeping on his current bedding each day and night. After all, it had loads of germs that Fonzo could sense, and he knew they were preventing him from resting easy.

Designing and Testing

After taking his beloved dog's needs on board, Alan got straight to work researching, designing and testing materials and steel structures until he was proud of a premium bed that Fonzo was all too happy to approve.

Relaxing Flea Free Since 1992

Since that day in 1992, Alan and the team at Flea Free have been continually testing and improving their bedding systems to reflect innovations in materials.

Australian Design

Designed in Australia, Flea Free Dog Beds are manufactured in China and sold to dogs and their owners in Australia, China, Hong Kong, USA, UK and New Zealand.

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