Aussie Dog Home Alone Suspended Dog Toy

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Aussie Dog Home Alone

Leading a busy life as a pet parent can have its challenges, especially with a dog that spends a lot of time alone throughout the day. Unfortunately, when left alone for long periods, our dogs can become bored and unhappy. Hence this can lead to undesirable destructive behaviour. To help avoid this type of behaviour, consider getting them an Aussie Dog Home Alone Suspended Dog Toy.

Key Benefits:

How will this product help my dog? This unique enrichment toy is the ultimate boredom buster and will help keep your furbaby happy during alone time. For example, one of the great design features of this dog toy is the hanging ball that rattles and dispenses your dogs dry food or their favourite treats.

What is equally important about this product is that it will stimulate your best friends (5) natural senses. That being sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

Size Guide

When purchasing this product, please do so according to the weight and height of your dog.

Small Dogs - 5kg to 10kg

  • Hanging strap: 1.1m
  • Total length suspended: 1.2m
  • Ball diameter 100mm

Medium Dogs - 10kg to 30kg

  • Hanging strap: 1.1m
  • Total length suspended: 1.3m
  • Ball diameter 150mm

Large Dogs - 30kg to 50kg

  • Hanging strap: 1.1m
  • Total length suspended: 1.3m
  • Ball diameter 150mm

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Why Aussie Dog?

With close to 25 years of industry experience, Aussie Dog is by far the global leaders in producing enrichment products for family pets and captive animals worldwide. If only the safest and most durable products will do for your best friend, then the choice is simple!

Their Interactive range, such as balls and disks, are great for playing with your dog. While their unique Alone range of toys are perfect for when you are not at home to help treat dog boredom and destructive behaviour.

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