Style It Self Cleaning Slicker Grooming Brush, All Coat Types

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Style It Self Cleaning Slicker Grooming Brush

Pet Parents the Style It Self Cleaning Slicker Grooming Brush will gently remove dead and loose hair from your pet’s undercoat whilst also helping to tease out tangles.

Knots and mats develop when unwanted hair remains in the pet’s undercoat - regular use of the slicker brush will help prevent matting and will reduce the need for professional clipping.

Removing dead lifeless hair will leave your companions top coat looking healthy and full of body and shine.

Benefits of regular grooming.

Grooming helps develop the bond between a pet and its owner and is an important interaction. It also helps the owner to notice any health changes before they become serious or life threatening.

Check out our full range of Style It Grooming Tools.

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