VETAFARM Ectotherm Lizard Food - Complete Lizard Diet

Ideal for Blue Tongues, Shinglebacks, Monitors, Skinks and Dragons.

VETAFARM Ectotherm Lizard Food is a high-quality diet for lizards, made from locally sourced fresh ingredients, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to ensure optimum nutrition for all stages of life.

Size: 350g
Sale price$12.74

Vetafarm Ectotherm Lizard Food

Why Vetafarm Ectotherm Lizard Food? Lizards require a balanced diet to help maintain healthy weight ranges, and healthy skin conditions and help prevent diseases such as metabolic bone disease (MBD).

It can be tricky - to provide the correct balance with a combination of fruits, vegetables, insects, and small vertebrates alone.

Vetafarm have developed Ectotherm Lizard Food to provide lizards with a high-quality balanced diet with the correct vitamins, mineral and other essential nutrients.

Designed to suit blue tongues, shinglebacks, monitors, skinks, and dragons at all stages of life, to ensure that they receive the correct balance to thrive.

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