Vitalitae Australian Made Dog Biscuits Calming Formula

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Vitalitae Calming Superfood Dog Biscuits contain a chamomile blend to help relieve nervous tension and encourage settled behaviour. Treat your dog to wellness.

Size: 350g
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Vitalitae Calming Biscuits

Treat your dog to natural wellness with Vitalitae Calming Superfood Dog Biscuits. Vitalitae dog treats are made in Australia with Hemp Oil and Protein as the core component.

Calming Formula

Vitalitae Calming Formula is a chamomile blend to relieve nervous tension and encourage settled behaviour. Chamomile is widely used to aid many conditions but is best known as a relaxant for humans and their furry friends.

Vitalitae Calming Superfood Dog Biscuits provide a unique blend of natural and actively healthy ingredients to aid in the possible reduction of stress and anxiety and help increase the natural hormone levels that assist in feeling relaxed.

It combines them with an all-natural, healthy oven-baked dog treat for the perfect delivery method of wellness to your pet.

Ingredients List

Wholegrain Wheat Flour, Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Protein, Ginger, Chamomile, Salt, Sugar, Vanilla Flavour, L-Tryptophan, Vitamins & Minerals (Including Vitamin B Complex)

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