Advantix Fleas & Ticks, Medium Dog (Aqua) 3 Pack

Size: 3 Pack
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Advantix Fleas & Ticks, Medium Dog

Protect your loyal companion against fleas, ticks and other nasties before they bite, with Advantix Flea And Tick Treatment for medium dogs between 4-10kg.

Whether they’re lurking in your backyard or bush on your daily walk, just one Paralysis tick bite can prove fatal.

Advantix is an easy to use water-resistant spot-on treatment that kills and repels fleas, ticks and biting insects.

Key Benefits

  1. Fast-acting – stops fleas feeding within 3 to 5 minutes  
  2. Easy to use – simple spot-on treatment applied monthly or fortnightly for paralysis ticks
  3. Safe – can use on pregnant and lactating dogs and puppies from 7 weeks of age
  4. Stops feeding – active ingredient works on contact to prevent fleas from biting
  5. Protects against flea allergy dermatitis
  6. Repels and kills ticks
  7. Controls lice
  8. Water-resistant

Ingredients List

Imidacloprid 100g/L, Permethrin 500g/L

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