Company of Animals High Frequency Whistle

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High-Frequency Whistle

Company of Animals High-Frequency Whistle is lightweight and compact with an adjustable pitch – ideal for dog walking and training.

Adjustable pitch - find the tone that’s best suited for your dog by adjusting the pitch on this High-Frequency Whistle.

Great for long distances - producing a sound that travels well in open spaces, the High-Frequency Whistle is great for distance training and recall.

Noise sensitive breeds - the high-frequency pitch of this whistle is particularly appropriate for noise-sensitive breeds such as Border Collies.

Keyring attachment - for ultimate convenience, the High-Frequency Whistle is small enough to attach to your keys or wear on a neck lanyard.

Company of Animals Training

Company of Animals have been creating and designing innovative dog products for over 40 years. Their knowledge and experience can be seen in the incredible designs of their easy walking and training products.

Designed by experts

Every one of their products was conceived and designed by their behaviour experts. The unique range features many products to help you get the best out of your dog and make training more of a treat. The products are created, designed and tested at their famous Animal Behaviour Centre, where they undergo extensive development to ensure the best possible result.

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