KONG Squeezz Action Ball, for Entertaining Fun

Size: Small
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KONG Squeezz Action Ball

Does your dog love to chase balls? If so, maybe you would like to take a peek at the KONG Squeezz Action Ball. This vibrant coloured multi-textured dog toy will provide hours of engaging fun for both you and your dog.

Why? Dogs Love It

To begin with, as dog owners, we know that our dogs need to and love to play. Hence when the time comes for a game of fetch, they cannot resist chasing after the wild bounce that comes from the KONG Squeezz Action Ball.

Furthermore, the embedded squeakers make this dog toy mentally stimulating, which is great for your best friend.

The KONG Squeezz bounces, rolls, and squeaks. It's an exciting dog toy that provides dogs with a whole lot of entertaining fun.

KONG Squeezz Action Ball Features

  • The KONG Squeezz is a great dog toy for outdoor fetch games.
  • It's the ball that dogs love to chase.
  • It bounces, rolls and squeaks for lots of added fun.
  • It provides dogs with mental and physical stimulation. 

Ditch the old Tennis Ball. The KONG Squeezz is the new and exciting ball that dogs love to play with.

    Available Sizes

    • Small - (3 Pack)
    • Medium - (3 Pack)
    • Large - (2 Pack)

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    Why Kong Dog Toys?

    In short, as dog owners, it's of great importance that we keep our adored dogs happy and healthy by providing them with mental and physical stimulation.

    With this in mind, the team at KONG help us achieve this by designing a range of enriching dog toys for our best friends.

    So unleash the Power of Play and discover what a KONG toy can do for your dog. You will soon learn why they are a favourite brand amongst pet parents worldwide.

    Have a peek at our extensive range of KONG Dog Toys that will help you enrich your dog throughout its life.

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