Rosewood Super Tough Plush Rope Core Cow

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Rosewood Plush Rope Core Cow

Take a peek at this adorable Rosewood Super Tough Plush Rope Core Cow. This interactive character is just the perfect dog toy for your furbaby during playtime!

A source of comfort

A beloved toy can become a source of comfort for a dog, just as it can for a child. Many dogs enjoy looking after their toys and taking them everywhere.

Promotes Natural Behaviour

Promotes their natural behaviour such as foraging, exploring and playing. Toys are fantastic at preventing problem behaviours, such as excessive barking.

Satisfy Chewing Needs

A rope core will satisfy chewing needs for dogs who love the soft plush feel in their mouths. The toy has less stuffing for less mess and includes a squeaker.

A stuffed/soft toy can be a great option as they hold scents, which can aid in separation anxiety if you are away.

(Not suitable for power chewers)

Approximate Size: 25cm

Supervise Playtime

Please Note: There is no guarantee that any Pet Toy is indestructible or 100% safe. It is imperative to be aware of any possible risk.

Please make sure that you are supervising your pet during playtime.

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