Scream Slow Feed Puzzle Bowl Loud Blue

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Size: 27cm x 31cm
Colour: Loud Blue
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Scream Slow Feed Puzzle Bowl

The Scream Loud Blue Slow Feed Puzzle Bowl is the healthier way for your dog to eat. The Centre of this puzzle feeder acts like a maze for the food to move through.

Eating slower means your best mate doesn't have to sit around as long waiting for their food to digest - which means they can get back to living life LOUD sooner after mealtime.

Another great feature of this slow feeder is the interactive puzzle game on each side, which allows you to hide the treats. This feature will teach your dog to paw or nuzzle the moving parts to get their reward.

The Scream Slow Feed Puzzle Bowl is available in 4 bright colours, Blue, Green, Pink and Orange.

Product Features:

  • Interactive Dog Feeder
  • Slow Feed Bowl with Maze Design
  • Movable Puzzle Obstacles
  • Non-Skid Base
  • Dishwasher Safe

Approximate Dimensions:

27cm x 31cm

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