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Introduction to ZIWI Peak

As pet owners, we all want the best for our furry friends, which includes providing them with a high-quality, nutritious dog or cat food. ZIWI Peak Pet Food is a brand committed to delivering just that.

With its focus on using natural, whole-food ingredients and a gentle cooking process, ZIWI Peak offers a range of dog and cat food recipes that are delicious and packed with essential nutrients.

In this article, we'll look at the history, philosophy, and nutritional benefits of ZIWI Peak Pet Food and why it is an ideal choice for Australian dogs and cats.

ZIWI Peak - Taste Life in New Zealand

ZIWI Peak Pet Food: A History of Quality and Innovation:

ZIWI was founded in New Zealand in 2002. The brand's founder Peter Mitchell, a passionate free-range deer farmer, was supplying other global pet food companies with high-grade New Zealand meat.

However, Peter's frustration grew as he discovered that various pet food companies were manufacturing highly processed pet kibble by blending these raw ingredients with cheap fillers.

Our Dogs and Cats Deserve Better:

Peter's love of his own two dogs provided him with a mission to provide pets with the best possible nutrition using only natural, whole-food ingredients free from fillers and artificial binders.

Hence, after a two-year journey of trial and error, ZIWI Peak was born. A nutritious raw diet for dogs and cats with the safe convenience of ready-to-serve dry foods. Just scoop and serve.

Gently air-dried dog and cat food - Ready serve raw alternative.

Since then, the ZIWI brand has grown into a global leader in pet food, with a commitment to quality and innovation that remains as strong as ever.

ZIWI Peak Pet Food is made in small batches, using a slow, gentle cooking process that helps retain the natural nutrients and flavour of the ingredients.

ZIWI provides only good nutrition for your dog or cat with no compromise.

Nutritional Benefits of ZIWI Peak Pet Food

Your Beloved Pet is a Carnivore

Dogs and cats thrive on a whole prey, carnivorous diet. By consuming animals, they get their nutritional needs.

For this reason, ZIWI Peak recipes are perfectly crafted to be biologically appropriate for your furry friend. They contain unmatched, authentic inclusions and a variety of highly digestible meat, organs, fish, green mussels and bone.

The Benefits of a Carnivorous Diet

Peak nutrition for dogs and cats without compromise.

Many pet owners have reported seeing positive changes in their pets' health and well-being after switching to ZIWI Peak Pet Food. For example, dogs and cats have experienced -

  1. Increased energy and vitality: PeakPrey recipes are nutrient-dense and packed with plenty of "energy" for a longer life of playtime with you.
  2. Improved gut health and digestion: Feeding a carnivorous diet low in carbs with no added nasties supports healthy gut flora and acidity for improved digestive health.
  3. Healthier teeth and gums: The benefit of feeding your dog or cat a natural, carnivorous diet along with natural chews and treats is that it helps support good oral health.
  4. Improved heart and cognitive health: ZIWI recipes contain amino acids like taurine, which support your pet's heart and mental health.

Crafted for all Life Stages:

Whether you're looking for a kitten, puppy or senior food, the choice becomes easy with ZIWI Peak.

Peak nutrition for All dog breeds - All life stages.

As stated earlier, dogs and cats are carnivores, regardless of their life stage. Thus, ZIWI doesn't have a specific kitty, puppy or senior food. Their recipes are crafted to suit young puppies and kittens to senior pets and every life stage in between.

Varieties and Flavours of ZIWI Peak:

Variety is the spice of life, even for cats and dogs. Here are some of the ZIWI Peak pet food ranges and flavours designed to provide peak nutrition for your pet(s).

Living the ziwi life dog with menu
  1. ZIWI Peak Original Series Air-Dried Range:
    These recipes are ready-to-serve and are made with authentic ratios of meat, organs, seafood, and bone. Then gently air-dried to lock in the nutrients. Available in the following proteins, beef, chicken, fish, lamb and venison.

  2. ZIWI Peak Original Series Wet Food Range:
    Moisture-rich pre-portioned and ready-to-serve palatable recipes for dogs and cats. A different texture to complement ZIWI Air-Dried recipes. Choose from the following proteins, beef, chicken, fish, lamb or venison.
    ZIWI Peak Wet Dog Food Tripe & Lamb RecipeZIWI Peak Wet Cat Food Lamb Recipe
Crafted for carnivores. Nutrition they need, benefits you love.

Sustainability Practices of ZIWI Peak Pet Food:

ZIWI Peak Pet Food is committed to sustainability and minimizing its environmental impact. The brand uses ethically sourced ingredients and works with local farmers and fishermen to reduce its carbon footprint.

ZIWI is constantly exploring new ways to reduce waste and improve its sustainability practices.


In conclusion, ZIWI Peak Pet Food is a brand that is committed to providing pets with high-quality, natural, and nutritious food. Its focus on quality ingredients and gentle cooking processes has resulted in our dogs and cats enjoying delicious recipes loaded with essential nutrients.

Many pet owners who have switched to ZIWI Peak Pet Food have reported positive changes in their pets' health and well-being.

With an expansive range of mouth-watering flavours, ZIWI Peak Pet Food is an ideal option for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with the best nutrition possible.

Additionally, the brand's commitment to sustainability and minimizing its environmental impact is commendable, thus making it a responsible choice for pet owners who care about the environment.


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