LickiMat Slomo Slow Feeder for Dogs

Colour: Red
Size: 20x20cm
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LickiMat Slomo Slow Feeder

Hello, fellow pet-parent. Have you been searching for a new and exciting enrichment product for your dog? If so, you may have found it. With this in mind, check out the LickiMat Slomo Slow Feeder, a unique dog enrichment tool designed for puppies and small to medium breed dogs.

This vet designed product will get your best friends tail wagging as it provides loads and loads of lickable fun. By spreading your dog's preferred soft treat over the surface, you will create a fun, tasty game with them having to seek out every morsel with their tongue.

Why Pet Parents Love it?

Above all, this vet designed slow feeder will provide your furbaby with mental stimulation and assist in reducing stress, anxiety and boredom. It is suitable for both wet and dry foods and promotes healthier eating by slowing down fast eaters.

With so many key benefits, it is easy to see why the LickiMat Slomo is popular among animal behaviourist and loved and used by pet parents worldwide.

  1. Assists in reducing stress, anxiety and boredom.
  2. Promotes healthier eating by slowing down fast eating dogs.
  3. Perfect surface for dry, wet and raw feeding.
  4. Ideal for making long-lasting lickable treats.
  5. Great tool for calming dogs during storms or fireworks.
  6. Improves oral hygiene and protects teeth and gums.
  7. Used by dog owners for crate training their dogs.
  8. Freeze treats in summer for refreshing longer lasting entertainment.
  9. Made from non-toxic, food-grade PP and TPR.
  10. Safe to use in freezers and dishwashers.
  11. Dimensions - 20 x 20 cm

Why LickiMats?

Designed by vets and recommended by animal behaviourists worldwide, LickiMat Boredom Busters are designed to enrich your pet's environment as well as, benefiting their health. Furthermore, they are a great alternative to a slow feeding dog bowl. LickiMats are available in an assortment of designs and colours to suit puppies through to large breed dogs.

Without a doubt, one of our favourites is the popular LickiMat Splash. Designed to make bathing your dog a whole lot easier. Shop our full range here.

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