Chipsi Fun Colourful Small Animal Bedding

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Size: 4kg
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Chipsi Fun Pet Litter

Create even more fun for you and your little friend with Chipsi Fun Colourful Small Animal Bedding.

Chipsi Fun is a litter made from natural softwood chips with colourfast cellulose cuddle flakes and will add a bit of colour and variety to your small animal's life.

Why? Chipsi Fun

This wonderfully soft litter offers endless amusement for play and nest-building.

Chipsi Fun absorbs liquid very effectively, neutralises nasty odours, generates little dust and keeps the cage clean as well! In addition, it is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain chemicals and therefore is fully biodegradable.

Impressive benefits:

  • Promotes rodents' instincts to play
  • Encourages nest-building
  • Exceptionally absorbent
  • Outstanding odour neutralisation

Optimal for:

  • Rabbits
  • Mice
  • Guinea Pigs

Chipsi Fun is obtainable in:

  • 4kg Packs

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