Torus Filtered Water Dispenser Bowl for Cats & Dogs 2L

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The Award-Winning Torus Filtered Water Dispenser Bowl for Cats & Dogs provides peace of mind that your pet has fresh water available all day.

Automatically Dispenses

Water stored inside the TORUS™ walls will pass through the unique filter system as it automatically dispenses whenever your pet wishes to drink.

No Power, No Batteries

This travel friendly, charcoal coloured water dispenser requires no power or batteries and is ideal for larger pets. It will store up to 2-Liters of water inside its thick reservoir walls.

The TORUS™ comes with one active carbon filter lasting up to one month. Remember to purchase replacement filters when shopping!

Why use Torus?

  • Fresh & Filtered Water
  • Huge 2-Litre Capacity
  • Travel Friendly - Drinking on the Go
  • No Power, No Batteries
  • Active Carbon Filters
  • Safe Water Supply
  • Ergonomic & Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Torus Warranty
  • Get your Torus Today!

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